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INTRO & #Dietox

Firstly, I want to make sure everybody knows this is NOT a fashion, food or beauty blog. It is a place where I get to share things with you guys. Therefore, you will find the most random things here. However, I will categorise my posts and if you are mainly interested in beauty, for example, you will find them in that category.


I will dedicate my first post to the amazing Virginie Rogé – the founder of DIETOX. Together with other nutritionists, she created this food therapy that nor only takes care of your body, it also resets it, getting out the toxins you have in it.
When I first posted about Dietox, I got quite a bit of negative comments on how it is too expensive and it is better to make the smoothies at home… Well, being a working student, I don’t remember when I last had the time to prepare a decent meal and getting Agave Syrup, Guarana Pea protein, Hemp seed, Brown rice protein, Himalaya salt and so many other ingredients that one needs for these smoothies can turn into a lot of waisted time and a real pain. That’s why I will always rather prefer to get them from professionals who know exactly how to provide your body the best cohesion of elements a food therapy needs. 🙂
As I am writing this post, I am drinking my last smoothie of my third day of fasting and I feel fantastic! My body feels… right. My stomach is flat for the first time in weeks and the most incredible thing is that I don’t feel like starving myself! This was my biggest fear because I had suffered from acute ulcer and whenever I don’t eat in proper amounts or I spoil myself with junk food, I have a stomachache. This has not happened with Dietox. I feel absolutely fine! I chose to do the 3 days fasting Dietox plan but the website provides you with many other different ones and you can choose which one suits you best. Every plan has its brochures, instructions and there is also an app for smartphones that serves you as a couch throughout your therapy.

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I have talked to Virginie, who was so nice to answer some questions for me. After Skyping and talking, I discovered she is a lovely energetic woman, an absolute life lover and a good role model for younger generations. Read more about Dietox from a professional, from the best possible source:

“I am a true life lover! I have always been attentive to how I take care of myself and mostly, I was always fond of nutrition. I always wanted to make sure I do the best I can in order to stay healthy. I did my studies in the business area and I lived in NYC for a while right after I finished my master. This is where I got introduced to the juice fasting diet. I was excited about trying it but ended up being disappointed; even though I loved the concept, those juices were not a good choice for me. I was always hungry, had cravings and the whole experience was horrible. So I analysed their composition and saw that there was a lot of sugar in it as those juices contained more fruits than vegetables. Therefore, they didn’t have any fibers.

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 18.37.35

I spotted the opportunity right away. I decided to improve the concept, having a different approach to it and making it healthier and better. Along with some nutritionists and doctors that helped me, I tried to create the perfect daily nutrition  plan that would provide the human body with its requirements and an ideal composition for every single moment of each day.

DIETOX was born.

Dietox is a combination of vegetables, fruits, vegan proteins and many superfoods. It is quite impossible to get all that in your body by eating banal meals in just one day. With our food therapy your body benefits from being naturally nurtured. The result is immediate! In just one day, one can tell the difference. They feel lighter, energised and their skin is radiant! There are no secrets. When your body is only nurtured with natural ingredients pressed in a liquid form, it absorbs the nutrients easier and it eliminates the accumulated toxins faster. 

Dietox has 2 editions: Winter and Summer. Our body needs different nutrients depending on each season. Our team selects the ingredients depending on various factors. For example, each of our smoothies has a different composition because we do need different substances at 8AM and 5PM if we want to function properly.

Also, not everybody needs the same amount of fasting. Each individual has their own lifestyle. The less healthy is your lifestyle, it including junk food, alcohol or whatsoever, the more often you need to do the Dietox if you want to keep yourself fit. You could need a day each week, or you can settle for 1, 2 or 3 days of fasting per season (right after Winter and at the end of the Summer).

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 18.37.27

We are able to send our products to Western Europe as we can keep them cold for a little period of time thanks to our special packaging. Unfortunately, we cannot send it to USA, for example, but we are looking forward expanding as we want to offer this opportunity to as many people as we can.

We DON’T do magic. We sell convenience. So give it a try because you never know what you might discover. And you know what?.. You are going to love the way it makes you feel!”

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See other bloggers’ posts about Dietox and some press articles (just translate the ones in Spanish): 

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Kristina Bazan (Kayture): http://www.kayture.com/2014/07/gucci-bag.html
Vogue: http://www.vogue.es/belleza/articulos/analizamos-el-fenomeno-del-metodo-dietox/18134
Elle: http://www.elle.es/belleza/cara-cuerpo/dieta-detox/dietox
Harper’s Bazaar: http://www.harpersbazaar.es/blogs/bazaar-life/reseteando-nuestro-cuerpo


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  1. up until this point didn’t anyone tell you that it is SO obvious that you’ve used photoshop to make your legs look skinnier? also, wtf is with all those grammar mistakes, are you retarded or what? how did you even get accepted to a British university with such a low level of English???

    1. 1. There are no pictures with my legs in this post. And yes. I use photoshop because I am ashamed of how fat I am.
      2. Oh, please do help me with my mistakes! I would so appreciate that. Obviously, you must be an English teacher. Oh, wait! No. Stupid people don’t teach.
      3. Yes. I am retarded. 😦 But I hope for the best.
      4. Guess what? It is the biggest Arts University in Europe and I also got accepted to other 4 Unis in the UK. Also, I finished my A-Levels with an A at English.

      Now. You may leave.

  2. oh no why did you dye your hair??? you looked stunning with blonde hair! I love you but your face looks fatter with that darker hair color…

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