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It is that wonderful time of year… When the streets are covered in sparkling colorful lights, when the shop vitrines are mesmerisingly beautiful and every TV ad, radio song and Santa hat around the city build a warm Christmas atmosphere and infect you with it.

Also, it’s that time when your hair starts to fall tragically (at least, mine soooo does). I started getting some serious concerns about the hair loss I was suffering several weeks ago. Out of nowhere, it just began to fall in such big amounts, that it made me paranoid.
Being a freak when it comes to… everything really, I got as many hair products as I could. I researched it on internet and tried literally everything I could find. However, not a lot of products actually helped me. On the other hand, I did get amazing results in the end and I decided to share them with you guys, as this post would have been a huge help when I was looking for remedies for hair loss. I do hope someone will find it extremely useful.

As those who follow me on Instagram know, I am in Bucharest now and I don’t have my camera, nor I have every product I am going to talk about with me but I do however have some hair care products and I will give you some links that will help you find the products I left in London.

The first product that made a big difference for me was the Coconut Oil. I got it for a very good price and you can find it almost everywhere. I bought it from ASDA for 3 pounds or so. It is white and hard. Therefore, you have to warm it up in order to bring it to its liquid form. I am always putting it in a microwave for 40-50 seconds or so.

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After getting considerable improvements, I decided to buy some hair products that contain coconut oil and the results were even better than expected. I bought the OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum from Boots (link HERE) and I absolutely love it! In addition, I tried the Argan Oil from Hair Xpertise (link HERE). I did like it but the Coconut Oil treatment impressed me more.

Now, after 3 or 4 weeks, I barely lose any hair. I don’t know whether it was the oils or a healthier nutrition plan but I am so relieved I got this problem solved.

Unfortunately, this is not the only problem I’ve been experiencing… I love changing my look. I am obsessed even! I changed my hair colour over 12 times in two years and cutting it did not prevent it from breaking and having split ends. This is why I decided to stop the experiments, give my hair a break and take care of it in order to bring it in a perfect condition.
Here’s what helps me doing so:

1. Josh Wood Treatment Oil (for coloured hair) bought at Marks and Spencer UK. (link HERE)

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2. Ultimate Oil Elixir Serum from Schwarzkopf (link HERE – page in German, translate it using your browser)

Find similar HERE to buy.

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3. Diamond Color Shine Boost Spray, developed with Claudia Schiffer by Schwarzkopf (link HERE)

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And here are my shower routine hair products (they can also be found cheaper in stores):

1. Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair Shampoo developed with Claudia Schiffer
(link HERE)

2. Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair Conditioner developed with Claudia Schiffer
(link HERE)

3. Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair Intensive Mask developed with Claudia Schiffer
(link HERE)


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