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Vous parlez Guerlain?

Those who have been following me on Instagram, Facebook or here know about my BFA Experience with Doina Ciobanu aka The Golden Diamonds. I will always be grateful to her and Guess for this insanely exciting experience that has gained a special place in my heart…

As it was the most important event of my life, I did my best to look flawless and got very enthusiastic about having Zoe as my make up artist and GUERLAIN products to help me do so. For quite a while now, I wanted to show you these amazing products I am absolutely in love with. So… get introduced to GUERLAIN – the perfume maison who invented the very first Eau de Parfum in the world! I have been working a lot with them lately and with every new product I discover I love them more and more. Being addicted to their fragrances, makeup and skincare, I was nearly as excited about getting my make up done as I was about arriving to BFA’s!
Zoe Marie – a wonderful MUA who currently works for Guerlain, had my makeup done. With my smokey eyes and nude lips, I was ready to rock the Red Carpet (well… I didn’t as I am the most nervous and humble person in the world) but I did love my make up which lasted AGES… and I mean it! I hope you guys love the brand as much as I do and I got you curious enough to go to a Guerlain boutique and discover their uniquely marvelous products!

P.S. Lovely Zoe got engaged in December, so let’s wish her all the love and happiness in the world!

Enjoy your weekend!


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