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Meet My Worst Enemy – Mia


A while ago, I found an E-card saying “Society is going to judge you anyway, so do whatever you want to do”. Exposing yourself out there, you can’t avoid being criticised, hated. No matter how good you are trying to be and how much effort you put in it, there will always be Hate.

Some people find it very easy to filter the negative energy they feel and move on. Their confidence, self-respect and good self-esteem is what keeps them going. Mean gossips, bad comments, critics can either make you or break you.

It broke me…

It all started in March 2012, when I started realising I am not as skinny as the other girls in my dance group were. I did always get slight comments on how I am somehow bigger, but it all got worse when I got myself into social platforms such as Formspring, Ask.FM, I already had a blog, so I was an open door for everybody who wanted to spit out some negative energy. I was constantly getting negative comments that I was so afraid to talk to my mother about. I always took it on my shoulders, thinking it’s me who doesn’t deserve to be loved neither respected, as I was sure I am doing something… Everything wrong. After my body and the way I look became rather an obsession than just an issue, I began to attend gym classes and trainings. I would literally go to the gym every day after school and exercise until it was closed. Endless hours of self-torturing and it still was not enough. I found that I was gaining muscles instead of losing weight, so I stopped eating. I would eat as little as I could, starve myself, go to the gym and come back home. I was in my 9th grade and I had the most important exams of my life at that moment, but I couldn’t care less. All I was thinking about was counting calories and finishing school in order to get to the gym. I would be looking at skinny girls and cry myself out because I was not like them. As time passed, I found myself hating what I saw looking in the mirror.
After some days, my mother began to realise I was barely eating anything and I looked ill. I was pale and weak 24 hours a day. I would tell her I had something to eat at school or I will order something at the gym bar, but she could clearly tell I was losing weight too fast.

This is where my longtime companion came in. Meet buliMia.


Realising I couldn’t go on starving myself, I began to eat as much as I could, but throwing it all up back. I couldn’t stand the idea of having food in my stomach because I was insanely afraid to put an extra gram on me. It was hell… and it still is. When I first started doing that, I didn’t even know this is a disease. Imagine my shock when I was in a psychology lecture and the teacher was telling us this is the number 1 cause of deaths caused by eating disorders. I talked to my mother about it who took it as a complete stupidity I can control and didn’t take any measures. I can’t blame her – Bulimia is an extremely important issue but the awareness about it is too bloody low! I had no support and didn’t even want it! I was sure I am alright and I am in control and this is just something I do to keep myself fit but not sacrifice the pleasure of eating TASTY food (I LOVE eating).

Some months passed and I went home for the summer half-term. To my surprise, my mother had researched my disorder and I found her more concerned than I’ve ever saw her before. We went to several therapies but they didn’t help as I was sure I don’t need them… The most important step to recovery is realising this is a problem and be open to any help you need and be attentive to people around you… Your best friend or your sister, or your cousin might be suffering and hurting themselves and nobody pays the needed attention.

I did win bulimia for half of year. I was bulimia free and proud of myself, but it comes back. It comes back once you’re stressed out and bothered by an extra kilogram on your body. It takes a lot of work and courage to come clean about it and to realise it is a problem that needs to be solved.

I hope this will help anyone who is reading this to understand that loving yourself and feeling confident about who you are is the key to true happiness.

Boux Avenue Underwear
Photo credits: David Phos Photography


14 thoughts on “Meet My Worst Enemy – Mia

  1. Thank you!

    This is the exact type of hate I am talking in my post about! Thanks a lot for a real example.

  2. This is absolutely inspiring beyond compare with most stories; the sheer bravery and awareness you exhibit in your subjective examination you give us is incredible. I can’t imagine what living with bulimia that long is like, because I didn’t stick with it very long myself, but I do know quite a bit about self-torture; in my more rather macabre humor, I refer to myself as a self-torture expert, having sampled most of the various ways of doing so. I know there is nothing more important than realizing such problems, because living with that pain when we’re used to it causes us to put on horse blinders, or even love its presence in our every day lives; I’ve certainly reveled in my own pain and convinced myself that my poor self-view was correct and I was definitely as bad of a person as I perceived in the height of my nihilism. The spread of what pain and damage these tendencies cause us is essential, and I hope you don’t mind me sharing this story around; I know so many young souls and older ones are in need of hearing and comprehending such a lesson. Thank you again.

    1. Your comment is beyond inspiring and giving me strength to go on! I enjoyed every single word of it and it’s ME thanking YOU for this amazing message.
      Enjoy your evening!

      1. I’m so pleased to brighten your day like you have mine. Enjoy your journey; the most amazing things are still around the corner for us!

    1. Merci mult!
      Sutienul e de la Boux Avenue. Poti comanda de pe site-ul oficial: http://www.bouxavenue.com/

      Nu sunt sigura daca fac delivery si in MD ( sau RO, daca de acolo scrii). In orice caz, daca pui ochii pe ceva, iti aduc eu comanda. 🙂

    1. Your supportive words are a much bigger help that makes it so easy to deal with this issue.

      Thank you! x

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