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Dreaming about Paris – Raquette


Paris was my dream city since I can remember. I don’t even know where did I get this obsession from, but I have always dreamed about exploring this city, having croissants and coffee by the Eiffel Tower, wearing pieces of couture that would have that chic, vintage and oh, so romantic taste of a Paris spring evening. It is the first Must See town on my list and this obsession invades my mind and soul more and more with every pastry shop I pass by, every French movie or photo of Paris.


Last year, I was honoured to be chosen as an ambassador of Raquette – a brand created by two sisters from Moldova that brought such an unique touch to the Moldavian couture. When I first saw their dresses, I couldn’t believe this is a new brand created by two girls from our small country. I could’ve sworn those were items from a luxury French high couture designer. It was love at first sight <3. I can’t wait to go back home and visit their boutique to see their new incredibly gorgeous creations which I promise to show you as soon as I get them!

Until then, here’s some photos from the photoshoot I did with David Phos Photography and Una Bassil Photography. Bringing Raquette to London, I felt very confident and chic in their clothes and also, after my second shooting was done, as I was getting home, a lady approached me and asked where did I have the shirt and the skirt from.




IMG_4071 copy






Raquette’s Official Website (Click here)
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Photo credits: David Phos Photography, Una Bassil Photography, Raquette


5 thoughts on “Dreaming about Paris – Raquette

  1. I’m sure they thought the Parisian fashion elite had come to London without their knowing! You look magnifique modeling these pieces; they are a pair of incredibly talented seamstresses and designers, and you can tell them I said it when you visit! Haute!

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