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#nailgoals – Nude Matte for Fall


I’m a true believer in small details. Whether it’s music, beauty, fashion, art, etc. I believe the smallest details have the biggest influence on the big picture. That’s why I always choose to express sophistication or complete an outfit playing with nail shapes and colours, adding additional accessories time to time.

This color I am sharing today has slowly become my favourite and I can’t seem to be able to stop wearing it. Being absolutely in love with it, imagine my excitement when I tried it in a matte look and discovered it looked even better.


OPI Selfie

The colour I am so fond of is from OPI – one of my most loved brand. Their nail polishes are very long lasting, have a spectacular shine and their colour range is amazing. Covered with the MAC Studio Overlacquer, this nude looks exquisite.

(Find the OPI Do You Take Lei Away HERE; MAC Studio Matter Overlacquer HERE)


(Find the Ring Pack by H&M HERE)

I hope you found this post useful and I will definitely be sharing more of my #nailgoals looks.


9 thoughts on “#nailgoals – Nude Matte for Fall

  1. That color looks great! Tocmai cautam un nou nude de incercat, inca n-am incercat nici unul de la OPI, I’ll give this one a try πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the inspiration! xx

  2. What an absolutely delightful shade, and so deliciously versatile in terms of accessorization & weather-apropos decorum! I usually find inspiration in darker & deeper tones, but being unaccustomed to lighter shades, I welcome the simple & clear sagacity of your opinion. I’ve been trying to think of some nail colors and make-ups that would complete these fantastically beautiful images in my head I wish I had the gender to constantly express them with, haha! Thank you for this delightful perspective piece.

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