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Miso Soup at Home

EN: I could eat Japanese food every single day and it would still remain one of my favourite indulgences of all time. It is definitely my most loved cuisine and it is impressive how a small country like Moldova can have so many Sushi bars with awfully tasteful food. Thanks to my mother’s sister, who lives… Continue reading Miso Soup at Home

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FOODPORN: Issue No. 1 – Grilled & Green Breakfast

Being an absolute food lover, I can’t help myself but indulge my stomach with… everything I can, really. Whilst I am always trying to keep a healthy diet, food will always be my main guilty pleasure and I do hope that my husband will be a gourmand that will appreciate the unusual meals that will… Continue reading FOODPORN: Issue No. 1 – Grilled & Green Breakfast

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INTRO & #Dietox

Firstly, I want to make sure everybody knows this is NOT a fashion, food or beauty blog. It is a place where I get to share things with you guys. Therefore, you will find the most random things here. However, I will categorise my posts and if you are mainly interested in beauty, for example,… Continue reading INTRO & #Dietox